Tips to Avoid Summer Brain Drain!

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This video helped provide some great tips on how to engage the girls this summer.

My daughters have four living great grandparents. YES!! You heard that right. They have four living great grandparents. And to top it off all of their great grandparents live within 75 miles of one another (six hours from us) and I am committed to spending more time with them this summer so that the girls are able to have some memorable experiences with their great grands.

This summer the girls will write a weekly letter to at least one great grand to practice their writing skills. We are also going to create a family tree / scrap book filled with pictures and fun times with family members. The girls are going back to the farm my grandfather grew up on in Louisiana as a part of our Family Reunion. To aid them in really soaking in this process we are going to find a few stories to read about the state of Louisiana and/or life in Louisiana when Papa was a little boy to help add an educational layer to our trip. These are just a few ways we are going to insert some fun summer learning into our summer plans.

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