Pre-Order Disney’s Frozen in Chinese!!

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If you don’t know that Disney is set to release the Frozen DVD on Tuesday then I think you have done an amazing job as a parent keeping your child far removed from all things Disney and detached from mainstream America. But if your child is like mine and the Frozen soundtrack is permalooped as the primary sound coming from your child’s mouth then you already know.

I’m excited to announce that I ran to (I purchased Brave from them in the past) and they have the Mandarin version of Frozen ready to be released. The girls didn’t absolutely love Brave in Mandarin but I am hoping that their vocabulary has increased enough for them to give Frozen a shot. Check out if you would like to purchase Frozen in Mandarin/Cantonese/Thai/Korean.


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8 Responses to “Pre-Order Disney’s Frozen in Chinese!!

  • I want to pre-order Frozen dvd in Chinese version.
    please give a answer I can order that dvd
    thank you

    • Hi Sandy. We ordered from We just received it in the mail. We are looking forward to enjoying it with the girls soon.

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  • Can a Mandarin version of “Frozen” be ordered that can be played in the US? I have only found the Region 3 DVD.

    • We have been able to play Region 3 on our DVD and in the TV. I will try the other two videos that we ordered tonight to confirm that all three work and that the Frozen DVD is not a fluke. Thanks for your comment. I will look into this!

      • The girls recently lost the Disney Frozen DVD but we were able to play it at home and on the DVD in the car. But the other DVDs that we purchased for Region 3 we have not been able to play. We will contact for more information.

        • We recently found our Disney Frozen DVD and have been able to play it at home and in the car. We have not been able to play the other Region 3 DVDs that we purchased from but Disney’s Frozen Region 3 DVD works without a universal DVD player.

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