Middle school students attend lessons ahead of the upcoming college entrance exam at a temporary classroom in Anxian county

How China’s Love Affair with U.S. Private Schools Changes Both of Us

  As Chinese students flood private American high schools, aided by high-priced “consultants,” they are changing concepts of success and...

Chinese is easy

Why Chinese is Easy to Learn

15 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Is Easier Than English It’s (almost) as easy as 一,二,三. Reprinted from 1. Mandarin does not...

Two Languages

Are Two Languages Better than One?

Bilingual vs. Monolingual Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-autumn Festival (9/19/2013) Mid-autumn Festival, or Chinese Moon Festival, is a festival for people who love to admire the full...

Patrick Healy - feature

First African American to Head a College

Patrick Healy was born 27 February 1830 on a cotton plantation near Macon, Georgia, to Michael and Mary Eliza Healy....

city terrace

Language of Choice

More and more, Americans are learning a second language and Chinese is emerging as a language of choice. City Terrace...


Why Black People Are Learning Chinese

Repost from the Root: When Zuri Patterson, a second-grader, entered her new classroom the first day of school, butterflies traveled...


Hansel & Gretel Musical – in Mandarin

Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale and Classical Music for The Entire FamilyEnjoy this Mandarin language family friendly version of the...


PAASSC Theme Song: “I Can Speak Chinese”

While I admit I don’t know all of the words I love the beat and the general intent of this...


Best Ways to Assess Student Performance in Immersion Programs

Parents enroll their children in language immersion programs in order to give them the gift of knowing another language. They...

The author in China (Marketus Presswood). Reposted from The Atlantic.

Marketus Presswood: On Being Black in China

People of African origin are still uncommon in China, but the infusion of international culture has started to erode traditional...

Sibling School Pic 2013 bw

Being Black & Bilingual

  By Jamila Nightingale My family’s road to Chinese immersion began just days after my husband and I walked down...

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