baked cookies

8 Candies You Can Make @ Home

The girls and I are looking for fun home baked goods to pass out during the holidays and I wanted...


Finding Balance for my Black girls in a Chinese Heritage Program!

One of the many things that I have enjoyed about my daugthers’ participation in a Chinese Immersion program has been...


10 Academic Advantages for your Child

If you are not already engaged in at least five of these activities on a regular basis you need to...


Five Facts About Booker T. Washington (besides founding Tuskegee University)

Dr. Booker T. Washington founded Tuskegee University, a historically black college and university, in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1881.  At the...

Chinese is easy

20 Scholarships for Students Traveling to China

This article is part of a three-part series on finding scholarships in China. For more information, check out Finding the Right Scholarship...

african american teacher young kids

Tips for Planning for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference in Dual Language Programs

Repost from I cannot believe it is that time of the year already! Parent-Teacher Conferences are just around the...

APSA Travel Abroad - Great Wall

Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Go Abroad

By Starlett Craig Before going abroad, I was an armchair traveler. I sat at my desk semester after semester doing...

APSA Travel Abroad - jump

Benefits of Experiencing Life in China


w still

From Slave to Conductor

By James Oliver Horton One of the most effective organizers of a formal segment of the Underground Railroad was a...

Middle school students attend lessons ahead of the upcoming college entrance exam at a temporary classroom in Anxian county

How China’s Love Affair with U.S. Private Schools Changes Both of Us

  As Chinese students flood private American high schools, aided by high-priced “consultants,” they are changing concepts of success and...

Chinese is easy

Why Chinese is Easy to Learn

15 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Is Easier Than English It’s (almost) as easy as 一,二,三. Reprinted from 1. Mandarin does not...

Two Languages

Are Two Languages Better than One?

Bilingual vs. Monolingual Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics

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