A Clever Mom Uses Periodic Table For Battleship Game For Her Kids

So, you’re looking for the FAMOUS Periodic Table Battleship, are you?  You are in the right place. I am so...


18 Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language.

From Visually.

New Langauge2

7 Reasons Why Learning A Second Language Makes You A Better Person

I recently discovered numerous scientific reasons why you seem to appear smarter, more creative, or attractive, when you can speak...

summer math

5 Fun Summer Math Activities to Do With Your kids

Summer is a great time for math to enter your family life in a casual setting, without the stress of...


At 16, Reece Whitley Stands Tall in and Out of Water

I am always excited when I read about African American youth excelling in school. But I am obviously ecstatic when...

Tips for Teens – Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Tips for Teens – Oversharing: Think Before You Post

I don’t have teens but social media has crept into the vocabulary of my little girls and I know that...


What to Say To your Kids About the Election?

It is hard to keep our kids out of the very adult conversations that have entered this election cycle. Either...

pleasant goat

Mandarin Movie for Language Learners!!

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is an entertaining film for your Mandarin language learner. The premise of the movie...

Lily Cheung teaches Mandarin to Greg Wong (left), Lt. Charles Flores (right) and other New York City firefighters, EMTs and paramedics at an old firehouse. The city is predicting that Chinese residents are likely to become New York's largest immigrant group in the next few years

New York First Responders Learn Mandarin

NEW YORK—“Ni Hao,” first responders say as they arrive at an old firehouse in Brooklyn. That’s Mandarin Chinese for “hi”...


What’s the Hardest Language to Learn?

Speaking a foreign language is often a high hurdle for many expats to leap – but what are the world’s...


Learning Mandarin from birds

Scholars of the Mandarin Chinese language can learn a lot from birds. That’s the premise of a new language learning...


The “Not Face” Is a Universal Language, Researchers Say

The Not Face―that look of boredom or strong disapproval that is many a person’s neutral face―was only certified A Real Thing by scientists in...

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