3 Tips for Monolingual Parents Raising Bilingual Children

In my goal to seek informative posts for PAASSC parents I am often frustrated. Most sites that encourage parents to...

Beijing Salon

Beijing’s First African Hair Salon

Who knew that a black hair salon could create a lot of buzz  — especially in a country where most...

Kids Learn Mandarin Application

Kids Learn Mandarin Application

Fingerprint continues to dismantle the great wall between entertainment and education with its newest learning app, Kids Learn Mandarin, available today exclusively...

Great African American Chef In Berkeley

Great African American Chef In Berkeley

Banks White, executive chef at FIVE at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley, who is leaving to helm the kitchen...


Make Parents Your Allies in Language Immersion

By Heather Clydesdale (Reposted: Asia Society) “Parents, wait here.” In China, it is not uncommon for this message to be...

Chart of MI Schools

Mandarin Immersion Schools: Where We Stand in 2013

Reposted from Mandarin Immersion Parents Council (by Beth Weise) As educators from across the nation meet in Boston at the...

businessman with hand on chin

12 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Bilingual Children

The information for this infographic comes from Barbara Zurer Pearson’s book Raising a Bilingual Child. 12 Myth Misconceptions by theberkeleymom


Why It Takes A Leap of Faith to Enroll Your Child in a Language Immersion Program

Reposted from I thought I knew *a lot* about dual immersion schools because I’ve been researching them for both...


Chinese, Africa’s New Language

As China’s investments in Africa grow, so has interest in the Chinese language across the continent. In Zimbabwe, learning Chinese...


A Message from a Black Mother to Her Son

Dear Caleb, When you were almost 2, we would drop off your cousin, Sydney, at her K-8 elementary school. The...


6 Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Although your child attends a language immersion school you should still be aware of basic milestones. While there are some...


5 Ways to Speak Chinese outside the Classroom.

As a monolingual parent raising bilingual children I am a strong advocate of supplementing their language learning experiences. Create the...

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