Mandarin Movie for Language Learners!!

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is an entertaining film for your Mandarin language learner. The premise of the movie is that a “bad guy” thwarts the princess and prince from falling in love and getting married. This changes the story books and adults throughout the land are in tears. When 4 little goats have a chance to help the prince rescue his princess they, along with two adult goats, travel in search of the princess. Their journey has many typical obstacles and successes that you would expect in a children’s movie. The animation, songs, action and plot are all enjoyable. English subtitles make it a plus for parent’s to watch with their children. Hope you enjoy.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼; pinyin: Xǐ Yáng Yáng yǔ Huī Tài Láng) is a Chinese animated television series created by Huang Weiming, Lin Yuting and Luo Yinggeng, and produced by Creative Power Entertaining. The show is about a group of goats living on the Green Pasture, Qing Qing Grasslands/Plains (Chinese: 青青草原), and the story revolving around a clumsy wolf who wants to eat them. The cartoon became enormously popular with Chinese schoolchildren after its debut in 2005. Cashing in on the cartoon’s success, the producer made an animated feature in 2009.


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