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PAASSC has two forms of membership:

Local chapter affiliation
The San Francisco/Oakland chapter is currently our only Local chapter. Local chapter members participate in monthly play dates and activities, support meetings, parent workshops, chapter community service projects, mom’s/dad’s/parent’s night outs, fundraisers and all other communal activities of a chapter. Local chapter members receive all of the benefits provided to at-large members. The annual membership fee is $100*.

We are in the process of developing a Los Angeles¬†chapter. Current dues for that chapter would continue at the At-Large Membership as we don’t as of yet have any specific events planned but hope to begin building our community and create an additional chapter with activities next year.

At-large members
At-large members receive all communications from the national office and are kept informed by an at-large liaison. At-large membership is available to anyone, even if there is a chapter in your area. The annual membership fee is $40*.

*All members will receive one PAASSC t-shirt and poster.

2 Responses to “Join Us

  • Hi,

    We are a newly approved Mandarin Immersion Charter School. I came across your site and am wondering if your parents will be interested in knowing about our school, Wei Yu International Charter school.

    Wei Yu International Charter school is a tuition-free K-8 school offering Mandarin Immersion model with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) curriculum and project-based learning. The school will be open in West San Jose, CA, in Moreland school district. Currently it is open for enrollment for Kindergarten and first grade in the 2016-17 academic year. The deadline of the enrollment is February 29, 2016.

    An upcoming informational session will be on February 26, 2016 (Saturday), 3-5pm, at West Valley Library, 1243 San Tomas Aquino Rd, San Jose, CA 95117.

    Our school website:

    Please let me know if you have any question for me or if some how you would be able to pass on the info of our school to your members/parents.

    Thank you very much and I hope to hear back from you!

    Bee-Bee Liew

  • Wanting more information. I have joined with the idea my 14 year old daughter can become a member. I would appreciate a phone call and/or email re next steps.

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