School Readiness

Assessing School Readiness: Strengths/Gaps/Needs

March 21st at IT Bookman Community Center

Address: 446 Randolph St, San Francisco, CA 94132

This workshop will help create a better understanding of the current state of equity, inclusion, and diversity at your school site, including their relationship and importance to fulfilling your mission. This includes, but is not restricted to: the existence and status of past goals; the diversity of your students, staff, and administration, and the ways in which you foster and serve this diversity; your student’s and staff’s experience of being welcomed and respected in your organization; the role equity and inclusion play in your classrooms, curriculum, discipline, and family engagement; and professional development needs on cross-cultural and other equity and inclusion competencies.

Participants will explore tools to conduct a self-assessment of the current state of equity, inclusion, and diversity in your school. If your team already has experience with and tools for doing this work, please feel free to share these.



7:45 – Registration

8:00 – Workshop

*Workshop will be held off site

*IT Bookman Community Center, 446 Randolph Street, San Francisco, CA

*4 minute walk to Jose Ortega Elementary School

10:00 – Panel Discussion

11:00 – Work Group

12:00 – Working Lunch

1:00 – Tour

1:30 – Dismissal